Bookkeeping and Business Services



We know that looking after your accounts may not be high on your list of priorities as a small business. So we can do it for you.

We have 4 types of bookkeeping services:

1. Initial set up – we’ll organise your books when you’re just starting out

2. Regular account maintenance – we’ll help you manage your accounts the whole year through, including payroll and filing your VAT returns online using HMRC Real Time Information (RTI)

3. Ad-hoc bookkeeping – Can’t make sense of something? We can help

4. End-of-year final accounts we’ll ensure your accounts are ready for submission to your accountant, potentially saving you thousands on your accountancy fees

We offer SAGE bookkeeping services by the hour or day, whichever’s best for your business’s needs.

Contact us about our bespoke bookkeeping service.


"I’m good at manufacturing, not accounts. Kirkham-McKay sorts everything out for me. I wouldn’t be without them!"